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Nagaraj, Nagraj or Nagaraja is a common male Indian given name. It originates in the Sanskrit: नागराज nāgarāja 'king of the nāgas'. It is especially prevalent in southern India. Notable persons with that name include: Nagaraj the name Also known as Lord Shiva

  • Erode Nagaraj (born 1970), Mridangam player, lecturer in The Music Academy, Chennai
  • Manoranjitham Nagaraj, Indian politician and incumbent member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly
  • Ramesh Nagaraj Rao, professor of Communication at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia
  • Shringar Nagaraj (born 1939), Kannada actor, cameraman, and producer of India's first silent movie
  • V. Nagaraj (born 1962), Malaysian director, producer, distributor and consultant
  • Vatal Nagaraj, politician from Karnataka
  • Nagraj Manjule, Indian filmmaker

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