Nakhon Thai Subdistrict

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Nakhon Thai
(English: Thai City)
Coordinates: 17°07′00″N 100°50′00″E / 17.11667°N 100.83333°E / 17.11667; 100.83333Coordinates: 17°07′00″N 100°50′00″E / 17.11667°N 100.83333°E / 17.11667; 100.83333
Country Thailand
Province Phitsanulok
Amphoe Nakhon Thai
Elevation 209 m (686 ft)
Population (2005)
 • Total 10,236
Time zone Thailand (UTC+7)
Postal code 65120
Geocode 650201

Nakhon Thai (Thai: นครไทย) is a subdistrict in the Nakhon Thai District of Phitsanulok Province, Thailand.


Nakhon Thai lies within the Nan Basin, which is part of the Chao Phraya Watershed.


Phitsanulok History

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Prehistoric Era

Early Nan River Civilizations · Tai

Khmer Empire

Song Khwae

Singhanavati City-State

Chaiyasiri · Nakhon Thai

Sukhothai Period

Wat Chula Manee · Wat Aranyik
Wat Chedi Yod Thong
Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

Ayutthaya Period

Wat Ratchaburana · Wat Nang Phaya
Borommaracha III · Naresuan

Modern Siam / Thailand

19th Century · 20th Century · Recent Events

In 1188, King Boromma Chayasiri of Singhanavati (a city-state kingdom originally centered on modern day Chiang Rai) is said to have expanded the city-state to include much of what is now Phitsanulok Province, and relocated the capital of his kingdom to Nakhon Thai, from where he ruled for a period of time.


The following is a list of the subdistrict's muban, which roughly correspond to the villages:[1]

No. English Thai
1 Ban Nuea บ้านเหนือ
2 Ban Noen Sawang บ้านเนินสว่าง
3 Ban Nakhon Thai บ้านนครไทย
4 Ban Nong Nam Sarang บ้านหนองน้ำสร้าง
5 Ban Nong Lan บ้านหนองลาน
6 Ban Hua Rong บ้านหัวร้อง
7 Ban Khlong Chik บ้านคลองจิก
8 Ban Nam Phai บ้านน้ำพาย
9 Ban Hua Che บ้านหัวเซ
10 Ban Dan บ้านด่าน
11 Ban Non Chan บ้านโนนจันทร์
12 Ban Sai Thong บ้านสายทอง
13 Ban Mai Saen Suk บ้านใหม่แสนสุข


The following is a list of temples in the Nakhon Thai subdisrict:

  • Wat Na Phra That (Thai: วัดหน้าพระธาตุ) in Ban Nuea is a wooden building built on top of old ruins of a former temple building. It has a historic statue of a Luang Phor Phet inside an iron cage.[2]
  • Wat Nakhon Thai Wanaram (Thai: วัดนครไทยวราราม), colloquially Wat Hua Rong[3]
  • Wat Klang Sri Phutararam is a temple with ornate murals and a statue of Phokunbangklangtao.[4]
  • Wat Pawee Mok (Thai: วัดป่าวิโมกข์)
  • Wat Nong Lan (Thai: วัดหนองลาน)