Nanairo Dam

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Nanairo Dam
Official name 七色ダム
Location Kumano, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates 33°57′37″N 136°00′08″E / 33.96028°N 136.00222°E / 33.96028; 136.00222Coordinates: 33°57′37″N 136°00′08″E / 33.96028°N 136.00222°E / 33.96028; 136.00222
Construction began 1963
Opening date 1965
Owner(s) Electric Power Development Company
Operator(s) Electric Power Development Company
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch-gravity dam
Impounds Kitayama River of the Kumano River System
Height 61 m (200 ft)
Length 200.8 m (659 ft)
Total capacity 61,300,000 m3 (49,700 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area 462 km2 (178 sq mi)
Surface area 332 ha (820 acres)
Power Station
Annual generation 350 MW (470,000 hp)

The Nanairo Dam (七色ダム, Nanairo-damu) is a concrete gravity-arch dam located in Kumano, Mie Prefecture, Japan. The dam crosses the Kitayama River, a tributary of the Kumano River near the border of Mie Prefecture with Wakayama Prefecture.[1]

The dam was constructed by Obayashi Corporation, with construction starting in 1963, and completed by 1965. It is currently owned maintained by the Electric Power Development Company. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation, with the dam supplying the nearby Ikehara Power Plant, with an installed turbine capacity of 350 megawatts (470,000 hp). The reservoir behind the dam also serves as a pumped storage facility in conjunction with neighboring Ikehara Dam in Wakayama.