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Nano City was a project proposed by the Haryana government and Sabeer Bhatia (co-founder of Hotmail) to build a city similar to Silicon Valley in northern India. The city was intended to cover 11,000 acres of land near Panchkula.[1]


The proposal to construct Nano City was formally approved by the state government of Haryana in September 2006, having first been proposed by Sabeer Bhatia. It envisaged a joint venture between the state-owned Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation and a private venture owned by Bhatia. The city was to be constructed in two phases, the first covering 5,000 acres of land and the second a further 6,000. The proposal was [2] Real estate firm Parsvnath Developers joined the project in July 2008.[1]

The city was intended to include an airport, a golf course and a rapid transit system. However, by May 2010 no progress had been made. It was reported that Bhatia had failed to submit detailed plans for its construction.[3] In July 2010 the project was cancelled by the HSIIDC.[4]

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