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Naomi Wilkinson
Born Naomi Wilkinson
30 June 1974 (age 43)
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Occupation Actress, Television presenter
Years active 1998–present
Television Milkshake!, Countryfile

Naomi Wilkinson (born 30 June 1974, in Bristol, England) is an English television presenter and actress.[1]

Wilkinson, was a presenter of Milkshake!, the early-morning programming block for young children on Channel 5 and Finger Tips for CITV. Wilkinson took over as the host from Fearne Cotton in series two and remained as the host until the series closed.[2] Prior to joining Milkshake! in 2000, Wilkinson co-presented the breakfast show Wakey! Wakey! for the now-defunct children's channel Carlton Kids.[3] As well as presenting for Milkshake, she has also starred in Milkshake shows such as Havakazoo and Monkey Makes. Naomi left Milkshake in 2010 after 10 years as a main presenter. She now works on shows for CBBC

Wilkinson went to the USA and became the host of Make Way For Noddy on PBS Kids and The Sunny Side Up Show on PBS Kids Sprout. She plays Angelina on Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps on PBS Kids.[4]

Wilkinson joined Steve Backshall on CBBC and BBC Two presenting Live 'n' Deadly in 2010.[5] In 2012, she joined the Ed Petrie vehicle All Over the Place for its second series on CBBC as well as Marrying Mum and Dad in which she also presents with Ed Petrie.[6] Wilkinson currently presents a nature documentary for children on CBBC called Naomi's Nightmares of Nature. Naomi also co-presents CBBC's "Wild and Weird" with Tim Warwood. In 2015, Naomi was one of the judges on the Countryfile photographic competition and has now become a regular presenter on the show itself.


Wilkinson has been a television presenter since 1999. She started work on Milkshake for Channel 5 in 2000 where she was producer and presenter. She has been a regular presenter on CBBC since 2010 after leaving Milkshake – she has her own show: Naomi's Nightmares of Nature.[7]Naomi also voices over POP, Tiny Pop and former Pop Girl .She also voiceover for the Community Channel .

In 2013 and 2014 she presented a live show called WILD on CBBC. She is currently filming All over the place: Asia; Wild and Weird series 2; Marrying Mum and Dad series 5 and Naomi's Nightmare of Nature series 4. Wilkinson has also appeared 3 times on CBBC panel show The Dog Ate My Homework since 2015.

Personal life[edit]

She was born in Bristol (1974), UK. Her entertainment career first started at Butlin's, where she was a redcoat.[8] In February 2013 she was nominated in the Female On-Screen Talent category for excellence in the Royal Television Society's awards.[9]

Naomi is one of nine presidents of The Young People's Trust for the Environment.[10]


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