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Naseera is a small town under the union council of Sehna, Pakistan. It is a new settlement after construction of Kharian cantonment, old naseera together with other villages e.g. "naurang", "Aarra" was emptied by army to build cantonment. It holds the main market for surrounding villages "Naseera Bazar". A natural "Kass" [Punjabi. a course of water which dries in dry weather][clarification needed] some time "Kassa" "nala" is flowing as a boundary line between Kharian Cantonment and Naseera. The main families are Rajput which leads their ancestral link to the Chip Rajpoot of Jandi chontra, Baba Shadi Shaheed, Mughals, and kashmiri Butt.

All people have to undergo a thorough scanning and to have registered vehicles to enter the area. Mostly people and their relatives from all over the country are using the new road built for civilians to reach the near Tehsil Headquarters Kharian for their daily routine work.[clarification needed]

Naseera is a small growing town under the union council Sehna. A seasonal stream also called "Kassa" flows as a boundary line around the cantonment area of Kharian and small surrounding villages like Naseera, NauRang, Lidar, tehal, vehal, pangwarian and other communities. It used to be clean and people used to even wash their clothes in it; nowadays, all the sewerage water of cantonment resident area and Naseera and other villages also flows into it.The water is contaminated and a very unpleasant stench welcomes the person who happens to go near the "Kassa."

The main families are Chib Rajput, Qureshi, Mughals, and Butt But now many rtd. and working army personnel are residing in Naseera, mostly in rental houses.Due to increasing population and new house constructions ; there is not much agricultural area left so in crops mostly wheat is harvested. Due to the increased rate of terrorism in Pakistan and several attempts to harm the cantonment area.the security system of the cantonment area has increased. Every person who wants to enter the Garrison must show registered identity of him/herself and the vehicles.Local transport has also been banned due to safety measures.Civilians and people who work in Kharian city has to use an alternative route which goes round the Garrison to reach Naseera.A military Dairy Farm is also situated on the south east border of Naseera and Sehna. Half the wells go dry in extreme summer Season. A small Christian colony "chak lashkari" and a Christian cemetery is also situated on the south-west border of Naseera.