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Nassa Group
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1990; 28 years ago (1990)
Founder Nazrul Islam Mazumder
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh
Area served
Europe, United States, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria
Key people
Nazrul Islam Mazumder (chairman)
Products Apparel, Textile
Services Banking, Real Estate, Financial Services, Travel, Education
Revenue Increase US$600 Million (2016)
Number of employees
  • ANW London Ltd
  • NASSA–Taipei Textile Mills Ltd
  • NASSA-Taipei Denims Ltd
  • NASSA Spinning Ltd

NASSA Group of Industries was founded in 1990 by business entrepreneur Nazrul Islam Mazumder.[1] Under his leadership, the group has expanded rapidly to achieve status as one of Bangladesh's largest industrial conglomerate[2] and one of the most significant investors in the country’s economy.

NASSA Group Limited has interests in Garment Manufacturing, Banking, Real Estate, Stock Brokering, Education and Travel.


The first venture

In 1990, Mr Nazrul Islam Mazumder, along with his colleagues Saiful Islam, Mamun Abdullah, Nazrul Islam Swapan, Mr Altaf and the late Mr Kamrul, started their first factory, Starlight Knit-wear, under the NASSA Group's banner. The factory is still located at 2/b Elephant road, Dhaka, and had an employee count of 300 people, to contrast that with the 30,000+ people being employed by NASSA at the moment.

Right around the time Starlight Knit-wear took off, NASSA Group ventured off to establish their second factory. They named it, Sun Seeds Apparel, as a tribute to Sunman Apparel where most of NASSA Group's higher ups use to work before, and grew up as entrepreneurs.

From then on they started to grow little by little till in 1995, NASSA Group established its Hong Kong sourcing office to streamline its production capabilities and client relations. They did this, as then Hong Kong was their liaison office to big companies like Sears Holdings (then Kmart).

Then along the line in 1999, EXIM Bank was incorporated into the NASSA Group.

Products and services[edit]


NASSA Group AJ Super Garments, Ready Made Garments production line

The biggest export of Bangladesh is the garment apparel sector[3][4] and since opening in 1990, NASSA Group has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest international apparel and textile manufacturing conglomerates[5] serving fashion, private and brand labels in the US, Canada, Mexico and the EU. NASSA Group’s Ready Made Garment and textile manufacturing division is a supplier of yarns, textiles and ready-made garments for branded and private label clients worldwide. The manufacturing operation boasts 1.1 million sq. ft. of production space, across which more than 30,000 skilled workers operate in 34 vertically owned factories.[6] NASSA Group generating a turnover of US$370 million in 2013 through its contracts with distinguished high street retailers across the UK and US.[7]


The ready-made garment industry accounts for 75 percent of Bangladesh's exports[8] and NASSA Group is the biggest manufacturer of the product in the country.[9][10]


NASSA operates via its own 28 acre textile manufacturing complex located in Kanchpur, Dhaka. With the capacity to produce 60 tonnes per day, their textile operation is one of the largest in Bangladesh.

The plant outputs a range of polar fleece, knitted, dyed and printed fabrics for the US and European markets.

NASSA-Taipei Denims Ltd specialises in the production of indigo denims for clients including Marks and Spencer. They have a production capacity of 1.8 million yards per month.


NASSA Spinning Ltd deploys equipment with an installed production capacity of their spinning mills at 1.8 million metres or 1,200 tonnes every month. Their machines include the Jinsheng Saurer JFA – 225A Card Machine as well as the Trutzschler & Crostol for blow room lines.

Finishing and shipping[edit]

NASSA is equipped to produce accessories and finishing services including buttons, threads, zippers, labels and snap fasteners as well as labelling and packaging.

Their in-house packaging operation, Native Packaging Ltd, is a wholesale packaging manufacturer with the capacity to produce 6,000 metric tons of corrugated cartons every year.[11]


Besides apparel, NASSA Group also delved into other industries to diversify the company's portfolio.

Stock broking[edit]

ANW Associates Ltd exists to provide trading opportunities for clients and organisations.


EXIM Bank logo

EXIM Bank (Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited) is one of the leading private commercial banks in the country. This Bank came into operation as scheduled commercial bank on 3 August 1999 as per rules and regulations of Bangladesh Bank. Of its very beginning EXIM Bank Bangladesh limited was known as BEXIM Bank Limited. But some legal constraints the bank renamed as EXIM Bank, which means Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited. At present the bank is performing its work all over the country by 52 branches. The bank has migrated all of its conventional banking operation into Shariah based Islamic banking[12][13]

Their investment portfolio comprises diversified areas of business and industry including textiles, edible oil, ready-made garments, chemicals, cement, telecom, steel, real estate and other service industries.

EXIM is the first privately owned bank to open an exchange house in the UK. They have also opened exchange houses in Canada, New York and Australia.[14][15]

Commercial Properties[edit]

NASSA Properties Ltd[edit]

NASSA Properties Ltd is in property development.

Residential Properties[edit]

RANS Real Estate Ltd.[edit]

RANS Real Estate Ltd. is under the NASSA umbrella and unlike NASSA Properties Ltd, they focus on residential property developments in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Planet Travel[edit]

Planet Travels Ltd, a division of NASSA Group, provides travel services for both business and consumers. It is still a comparatively new venture, only becoming part of NASSA Group in 2013.


Exim Bank Agricultural University Bangladesh (EBAUB)[edit]

The vulnerable features of Northern Bangladesh characterised by frequent river erosion, flood and drought, social inequalities in education & health, and migration affecting livelihoods of its poor inhabitants inspired the Bank for undertaking some initiatives for their assistance in advancement. Till then, there has been no existence of any private agricultural university in North Bengal, even though northern part of the country is densely populated and has enormous potential for agricultural development. A large portion of quality students having good results in SSC and HSC cannot get admission into public agricultural university every year. In essence, availability of admission would enable them to pursue higher education in agriculture. EXIM Bank Supports export import initiatives throughout the country. Thus, they have set up EXIM Bank Agricultural University, Bangladesh(EBAUB),[16] a private agricultural university at Chapainawabgang, Rajshahi, to be the first of its kind in Northern Bangladesh, to create greater opportunity of diversified and demand-driven education for the prospective medium income group candidates at their doorsteps, as well as to create an opportunity for conducting agricultural research to solve local problems.

Major customers[edit]

The major customers for NASSA Group are usually from US, Canada, Mexico and the EU. [5][17]

USA based K-mart, WalMart,[18] Gap Inc., Sears, AMC/Target Corporation, J. C. Penney, Woolrich

Europe based George, ASDA, Primark, Carrefour, Tesco, H&M, C&A, Sainsburry, Metro AG


Factory closure[edit]

In awake of the Rana plaza collapse, which is considered to be the deadliest garment-factory accident in history,[19][20] NASSA Group shut down three of its factories.[21] It was insinuated in a couple of articles that this was a reactionary response to the Rana plaza collapse rather than a proactive step to ensure the safety of the workers,[21] but it was established that the company made the decision before the 24 April collapse because of structural concerns about the rental space that housed the three facilities and says it is committed to the safety and security of its employees. Before the closures, which took effect on 28 April, Nassa Group operated 34 factories in Bangladesh.

In an earlier version of an article in The Wall Street Journal,[21] stated that due to the structural integrity being compromised, the government took action to close the factories down, which turned out to be wrong information. The chairman of NASSA Group, Mr Nazrul Islam Mazumder appointed Mishcon de Reya to challenge Wall Street Journal, as NASSA Group had already decided to close the factories on their own accord before 24 April collapse, after which WSJ were compelled to change the article to reflect the facts.

Company Milestones[edit]

  • 1990: NASSA Group established by Founder and chairman Mr Nazrul Islam Mazumder.
  • 1995: NASSA Group established its Hong Kong sourcing office to streamline its production capabilities and client relations.
  • 1999: EXIM Bank established, providing financial services for the retail, corporate, SME and agricultural sectors as well as in foreign trade.
  • 2002: NASSA Taipei Textile Mills established, integrating textile production capacity into the group.
  • 2005: NASSA Taipei Denims Ltd established, diversifying into the global denims market.
  • 2005: NASSA Spinning Ltd established, embedding wholly owned spinning operations into the group.
  • 2007: NASSA Properties Ltd established, investing in Dhaka's commercial infrastructure via large scale commercial property investment.
  • 2008: RANS Real Estate Ltd established, changing the domestic property landscape of Dhaka by creating new affordable luxury homes to meet the needs of modern Bangladeshi homeowners.
  • 2009: EXIM Bank becomes the first privately owned bank to open an exchange house in the UK, enhancing its capacity to deliver seamless services to Bangladeshis living and working in the UK.
  • 2012: ANW Associates London Ltd established, bringing a new end-to-end apparel manufacture and supply solution to fashion buyers in the UK and Europe.
  • 2013: NASSA brokerage house established, providing and secure, accredited and ethical trading services for clients wishing to invest in stocks and shares.
  • 2014: ANW Associates Nigeria Ltd established.


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