Nasu District, Tochigi

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A map of discontiguous Nasu District. The town of Nasu is to the north, Nakagawa to the south.

Nasu (那須郡, Nasu-gun) is a district located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.[1] The district consists of the two discontiguous towns of Nasu and Nakagawa,[2] separated by the city of Ōtawara in the middle.[3]

The total area of the district was 1,209.59 km²[citation needed] before the former constituent towns of Nishinasuno, and Shiobara were consolidated with Kuroiso to form the new city of Nasushiobara on January 1, 2005.[4] In 2003, the district had an estimated population of 154,881 and a density of 128.04 persons per km².[citation needed]



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Coordinates: 37°01′55″N 140°07′30″E / 37.032°N 140.125°E / 37.032; 140.125