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The National Congress (Spanish: Congreso Nacional) was the unicameral legislative branch of the government of Ecuador prior to November 2007.

Under the 1998 Constitution, Congress met in Quito and was made up of 100 deputies (diputados). Each of the country's 22 provinces returned a minimum of two deputies plus one additional seat for every 200,000 inhabitants.

It was dissolved on 29 November 2007 by the Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly, due to the alleged high level of corruption of the chamber's members,[1] and replaced by the National Assembly of Ecuador under the 2008 Constitution.


To serve as a congressional deputy, the following requirements had to be met:

  • Ecuadorian citizen by birth, not by naturalisation
  • Having full enjoyment of political rights
  • At least 25 years of age upon filing candidacy
  • Native of the province represented, or resident thereof for at least three years immediately prior to the election

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