National Highway 31 (Myanmar)

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National Highway 31 is a major highway of central/northeastern Burma. It starts in Mandalay at the rim of the Mandalay Palace area from National Highway 3 at 21°58′59″N 96°5′3″E / 21.98306°N 96.08417°E / 21.98306; 96.08417 and ends in Waingmaw/Myitkyina in Kachin State at 25°21′1″N 97°26′8″E / 25.35028°N 97.43556°E / 25.35028; 97.43556.[1][2] The major settlements the road passes through from Mandalay are as follows: Lamaing, Madaya, Yentha, Letkhokpin, Chaunggyi, Shwenyaungbin, Kyatpyin, Mogok, Mong Nit, Pinkyein, Tonkwa, Madangyang, Bhamo, Myothit, Dawhpumyang, Kaxu before finally arriving in Waingmaw.[1]


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