National Museum, Poznań

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National Museum in Poznań
Poznan 10-2013 img01 National Museum.jpg
Historic south wing, built in 1904
Established 1857
Location 9 Karol Marcinkowski Avenues
Poznań, Poland
Type National museum
Director Wojciech Suchocki
New north wing, Gallery of Contemporary Art

The National Museum, Poznań (Polish: Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu), Poland, popularly abbreviated as MNP, is a state-owned cultural institution and one of the largest museums in Poland. It houses a rich collection of Polish painting from the 16th century on, and a collection of foreign painting (Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German). The museum is also home to numismatic collections and a gallery of applied arts.


The National Museum in Poznań was established in 1857, as the "Museum of Polish and Slavic Antiquities".[1] During World War II the building was damaged, the collection looted by German military, while numerous museum exhibits, including the natural and ethnographic collections, were destroyed.[1] After the war the Polish Government retrieved many of the works seized by the Nazis.


Museum's collections are on display in seven thematic exhibition galleries that explore the major trends and disciplines of the age: the Gallery of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Polish Art from 16th-to-18th century; and, in the new wing: the Gallery of Polish art from the period of foreign partitions until the end of World War II, the Gallery of European Art (or Foreign Painting), the Gallery of Modern Art, and the Poster and Graphic design Gallery.[2]

Gallery of Foreign Painting[edit]

The Main Building features one of the largest galleries of foreign painting in Poland, predominantly originating from the collection owned by Count Raczyński:

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