National Museum-Preserve "Battle for Kyiv 1943"

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National Museum-Preserve "Battle for Kyiv 1943”
Державний музей-заповідник «Битва за Київ у 1943 році»
Museum-preserve is Battle for Kyiv in 1943.JPG
EstablishedMarch 20, 1945
LocationNovi Petrivtsi, Ukraine
Coordinates50°37′29″N 30°25′12″E / 50.62474°N 30.41992°E / 50.62474; 30.41992Coordinates: 50°37′29″N 30°25′12″E / 50.62474°N 30.41992°E / 50.62474; 30.41992
DirectorIvan Petrovich Vìkovan
CuratorMinistry of Culture of the Kyiv Regional State Administration

The National Museum-Preserve "Battle for Kyiv 1943”, is a museum dedicated to the Kiev Strategic Offensive Operation of autumn 1943. The museum is located on the outskirts of the village of Novi Petrivtsi, Vyshhorod Raion of Kiev Oblast, Ukraine. The curator of the museum -Ministry of Culture of the Kyiv Regional State Administration. Museum director is Ivan Petrovich Vìkovan. The Museum was created by the Council of People's Commissars of Ukraine and the CENTRAL COMMITTEE of VKP (b) as a museum-preserve “The battle for Kiev 1943” on March 20, 1945. To date, the museum has been visited by more than 10 million people from 85 countries of the world. The museum maintains stationary and mobile exhibitions. On the territory of the museum each year, are a number of ceremonies to honor the memory of the heroes of the Battle of the Dnieper, meetings, appointments, veterans, induction, etc.


Monument to the liberators of Kiev

The museum exposition tells about the events of the autumn of 1943, the Battle of the Dnieper and the Lyutezh Offensive Operation during the Battle of Kiev (1943). The exhibit includes archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic collection, art crafts, paintings, sculptures, photos, and documents of the Great Patriotic War.

The historical-cultural complex includes:

  • A territory with an area of 8 hectares, the observation points of the 1st Ukrainian Front Army General Nikolai Fyodorovich Vatutin, Commander of the 38th Army Kirill Moskalenko, a member of the Military Council of the front Lieutenant General Nikita Khrushchev, Commander of the 3rd Guards Tank Army Pavel Rybalko;
  • Samples of military equipment during the war;
  • Monument to the liberators of Kiev;
  • Diorama titled "The Battle for Kiev Lyutezh Bridgehead 1943." Which opened on May 5, 1980. The dimensions of the canvas are 29 x 7. Created by M. S. Prisekin.
  • Memorial complex in the village of Novi Petrivtsi.
  • Museum-diorama of 1100 meters.

Scientific work[edit]

The staff of the museum are working with research materials of war and the study of materials from the history of Kyiv Polissya. Savior of the Transfiguration monastery is a monastery of the Zaporozhian Cossacks during the 17th and 18th centuries.