National Ribat University

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National Ribat University
Type Private
Established May 2000
President Abdullatif Ashmaiq Khalifa
Location Khartoum, Sudan

The National Ribat University (NRU) is a university based in the city of Khartoum, Sudan.[1]

The President of the Republic is the sponsor of the University. The University Council is chaired by the Minister of Interior, and the Director General of Sudanese Police Forces is his deputy.[2] The university is ranked 10,402 in the world, third in Sudan. In Sudan, it ranks below the University of Khartoum and the Sudan University of Science and Technology, above Karary University and the International University of Africa.[3]

Initially the university had three faculties: Police Sciences and Law, Medicine and Nursing Sciences. Since then additional faculties have been added: Police Higher Academy, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Radiological Sciences and Nuclear Medicine, Medicine and Dental Technology, Economic, Administrative & Financial Sciences, Environmental Studies and Disaster Prevention, Computer Studies, Languages and Translation, Abdusalam Elkhabir Faculty for Islamic and Quranic Studies, Technology and Health Sciences, Graduate and Scientific Research, Architecture and Information.[1]


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