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The National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit educational institution dedicated to preserving the history of sailing and its impact on our culture, honoring those have made outstanding contributions to American sailing, teaching math, science and American history, inspiring and encouraging sailing development and providing a landmark for sailing enthusiasts.


US Sailing: In cooperation with U.S. Sailing (national governing body of sailing in the United States) provide space and interactive exhibitions featuring the Rolex Yachtsmen of the Year, Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year, and U.S. Olympic sailors.

U.S. Naval Academy: In cooperation with the U.S. Naval Academy promote the ICSA College Sailing Hall of Fame, the Interscholastic Sailing Hall of Fame, U.S. Naval Academy Visitor Center, and U.S. Naval Academy Sailing.

In association with[edit]

Herreshoff Marine Museum: In cooperation with Herreshoff Marine Museum provide space and interactive exhibitions featuring the America’s Cup Hall of Fame as well as yachts and artifacts from the Museum.

Sailing World: In cooperation with Sailing World magazine provide space and interactive exhibitions featuring their Hall of Fame.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Working with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Eyes on the Bay Program and Education Programs, MyDNR, and Bay Game.

Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Water Trail: Working with the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Water Trail to promote America's first all-water National Historic Trail.

Congressional Cup: Working with the Congressional Cup to promote the historic regatta.

United States Yacht Shows: Working with the U.S. Sailboat Show to promote sailing.

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