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The National Standard Examination in Biology or NSEB is an examination in biology for higher secondary school students in India, usually conducted in the end of November. The examination is organized by the National Association of Biology Teachers[1] in association with Indian Association of Physics Teachers[2] and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE). Over 30,000 students, mainly from Standard 12, sit for this examination.[2]


The examination is intended for students in 12th standard,[2] though 11th standard students are also allowed to give the examination. Usually, the qualifying students are from 12th standard.


The top 1% students from this examination are selected to sit for the Indian National Biology Olympiad.


The NSEB comprises only multiple choice questions. The questions include plant physiology, genetics and human physiology. The stress on biochemistry is more in the NSEB than in the typical school syllabi.


As per new revised norms the fee for the NSEB is about Rs. 150. Application for this examination is typically handled through the school/college to which the student is affiliated.

Indian National Biology Olympiad[edit]

It's held in January, and consists of objective questions. The top 35 performers here, are selected for the Orientation-Cum-Selection-Camp (OCSC), Biology , where they're trained and tested in theory and experiment. The top 4 performers from OCSC Biology are selected to represent India in the International Biology Olympiad.

Before IBO, the selected team undergoes rigorous training in theory and experiment, in a Pre-Departure Training Camp (PDC).


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