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The National Union of Professional Footballers (French language, Union nationale des footballeurs professionnels, UNFP) is an association founded on 16 November 1961 by two football players (Eugène N'Jo Léa, Just Fontaine) and a jurist (Jacques Bertrand). It is currently the main trade union for the French professional football players. The president is Philippe Piat.

Each month, a trophy is awarded by the UNFP to the best players in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.

During the summer, since 1990, the UNFP organizes training sessions for the players whose contract is ending, and who have not yet found a new team.


  • 1961–1964: Just Fontaine
  • 1964–1969: Michel Hidalgo
  • 1969–present: Philippe Piat

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