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This article is about the Australian union. For the Guinea-Bissau union, see National Union of Workers of Guinea-Bissau. For the Sri Lanka union, see National Union of Workers (Sri Lanka). For the Naval Air Station assigned IATA code NUW, see Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.
NUW logo.png
Full name National Union of Workers
Founded 1989
Members 90,000
Affiliation ACTU, IUF
Key people Charlie Donnelly, general secretary
Office location Melbourne, Victoria
Country Australia

The National Union of Workers (NUW) is an Australian trade union formed in 1989.


The National Union of Workers of Australia was formed by a progressive amalgamation of unions from 1989 onwards in a time when all Australian unions were merging, with varying degrees of success. These unions merged into the one larger union to pool their expertise and resources, so they could provide members with a larger range of quality services.

The six unions which form the NUW were established in the early part of last century and have been at the forefront of workers' achievements for nearly 100 years:


NUW workers protest Howard's IR reforms in a 2005 rally in Sydney

The National Union of Workers covers workers in the following industries:


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