Natti Crow Beach

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Natti Crow Beach Lake Wawasee.png
1910 map of Lake Wawasee displaying Natti Crow Beach in red.

Natti Crow Beach is an unincorporated area of shoreline and nearby neighborhoods located on the east shore of Lake Wawasee, Kosciusko County, Indiana, United States.

Natti Crow Beach is named after Nathaniel N. Crow. It is situated south of the "Crow's Nest" (Nathaniel's home). This beach is one of the few stretches of shoreline on Wawasee with a sandy beach which extends as far out as 20 feet at its maximum. The more northern properties are situated 60–70 feet above the lake. The southern properties are at or near lake level.

This area is governed by the Natti Beach Crow Association, a homeowners association and part of the Wawasee Property Owners Association.[1]

Small cottages once lined this stretch of shoreline south of the Crow property until the early 1970s. Large vacation homes used during the summer months have taken their place. The largest residence was south of "Crow's Nest" and owned by a World War II veteran and American Airlines captain during the 1950s-1970s.[2] Natti Crow Beach, though private, is accessible from Kosciusko County Road E1050N, E. Woody's Lane, and E. Natti Crow Road.


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