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E-Scow (logo).png
Class symbol
EScow sailplan 600 600.svg
Crew 3-4
Type Monohull
Hull weight 965 lb (438 kg)
LOA 28 ft (8.5 m)
Beam 6.9 ft (2.1 m)
Mainsail area 228 sq ft (21.2 m2)
Jib / Genoa area 95 sq ft (8.8 m2)
Spinnaker area 550 sq ft (51 m2)

The E-Scow is a sailing scow and the younger sister of the A-Scow. Both boats are manufactured by Melges Performance Sailboats. Its rigging is similar to the A-Scow, and their hull shapes are almost identical, with a ten foot difference in length. The boat is competitively sailed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Colorado. Recently, the E-Scow class has spread to Europe. There are boats in Switzerland, France, Finland and one in Austria's Lake Attersee.

An E-Scow

Until 2004, the E-Scow had a symmetrical spinnaker. The National Class E Scow Association (NCESA) tested an Asymmetrical spinnaker option as a potential change to the design scantlings for two years with scattered individuals and a few fleets converting to the test rig. The asymmetrical spinnaker was voted down by the class in 2006, but revisited after the 2007 season with a modified proposal suggesting a slightly modified rig and more restricted spinnaker shape. The proposal passed, taking effect in 2008.

The boat has a high performance planing hull. It has been seen towing water skiers.[1] It is not as fast as the larger A-Scow. However, it is one-third the cost.

The E-Scow class routinely features national regattas of more than fifty boats, including a record 91 boats in the 2006 Championship regatta on Lake Minnetonka.

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