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Naziha Salim (Arabic: نزيهة سليم‎‎, 1927–15 February 2008) was an Iraqi artist and painter, described by the country's president, Jalal Talabani, as "the first Iraqi woman who anchored the pillars of Iraqi contemporary art.[1]

Naziha Salim was born into a family of Iraqi artists living in Turkey.[1] Her father was a painter, while her brother, Jawad Salim, has been cited as one of Iraq's most important modern sculptors.[1] In the 1940s, she graduated from the Baghdad Fine Arts Institution and continued her education in Paris.[1] In the 1960s Salim returned to the Fine Arts Institute as a teacher and remained at the school until her retirement in the 1980s.[1]

Naziha Salim suffered a stroke in 2003, which left her paralyzed. She lived for another five years, dying in Baghdad at the age of 81. President Jalal Talabani called her death a "big loss to Iraqi art and culture".[1]


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