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NASA Nebula
Operating systemAny (web-based application)
TypeWeb development
Nebula Team 2010

Nebula is a federal cloud computing platform that originated at NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California. The Nebula project was run under the ACITS 2 contract originally held by Perot Systems. Nebula hosted many advanced research projects. One application Open Sourced by NASA and developed by the Nebula project, 'nova' became one of the two founding projects of the OpenStack project.


The Ames Internet Exchange (AIX), was formerly MAE-West, one of the original nodes of the Internet, and is a major peering location for Tier 1 ISPs, as well as being the home of the "E" root name servers. The AIX provides connectivity to the Nebula Cloud, enabling 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections to NISN.

The Nebula-Project uses a variety of free and open-source software.

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