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Gender Male
Word/name "Nadima" (to drink together)
Meaning Friend of wine & dine
Region of origin Middle East

Nadeem (also spelled Nadim; (Arabic: نديم‎)) is an Arabic masculine given name. It means "The companion or the friend and in particular for wine and dine."

Many meanings exist:

  • "friend of wine and dine (with)"[1]
  • "drinking companion”
  • "life of the party"[2]

The name is common among all communities in the Middle East, including Christians, Muslims and Jews, and in the Balkans.

Coming from the Arab world, where alcohol has become a taboo, you might find different derived meanings but all roaming around friend, or life of the party. Some myths tell that prophet Mohamad's servant was called Nadeem and he would be the one roaming around serving guests water or tea.[3]

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