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Nestares is a village in the province and autonomous community of La Rioja, Spain. The municipality covers an area of 21.61 square kilometres (8.34 sq mi) and as of 2011 had a population of 81 people.[1]

Places of interest[edit]

Church of St. Martin.[edit]

Church of St. Martin. Built in the early sixteenth century and enlarged in the XVIII, has a nave divided into three sections including a square head lower and narrower. The choir is placed on a ribbed tercelete and presents a seating for 14 seats, and an eighteenth-century rococo organ. The sacristy has a domed cover on scallops and has a crucifix inside classicist of the second quarter of the seventeenth century . The altarpiece presents images of San Pedro, San Martin and San Pablo . At the top stands a life-size Asunción.

Ermita de la Virgen de Manojar[edit]

It is situated on a hill near the village. The building is constructed in brick masonry and protected by a masonry wall facing the open door. It has a nave of three bays covered with groin vaults supported on arches perpiñanos Tuscan batteries.

Ermita de San Bartolomé[edit]

Located 2.5 km northwest of the town, accessed by the track which connects with the Sierra de Moncalvillo .


Coordinates: 42°16′N 2°37′W / 42.267°N 2.617°W / 42.267; -2.617