1987 New Caledonian independence referendum

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An independence referendum was held in New Caledonia on 13 September 1987.[1] Voters were given the choice of remaining part of France or becoming independent. Only 1.7% voted in favour of independence.


By a vote of 325 to 249, the French Parliament passed a law on 15 April 1984 on holding an independence referendum in New Caledonia.[1] However, the French government rejected the involvement of UN observers.[1] Independence movements including the Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front boycotted the referendum.[1]


Do you wish New Caledonia to remain in the French Republic, or do you wish to become independent?

Choice Votes %
France 48,611 98.30
Independence 842 1.70
Invalid/blank votes 797
Total 50,250 100
Registered voters/turnout 85,022 59.10
Source: Direct Democracy

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