New Democratic Macau Association

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New Democratic Macau Association
Iniciativa de Desenvolvimento Comunitário de Macau
Founded 2017
Split from New Macau Association
Ideology Liberal democracy
Political position Centre to centre-left
National affiliation Pro-democracy camp
Colours Orange
Legislative Assembly
1 / 33

The New Democratic Macau Association (Chinese: 社區新動力; Portuguese: Iniciativa de Desenvolvimento Comunitário de Macau) is a political party in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau created from Au Kam Sans split from the New Macau Association in 2017. Macau is a territory in which political parties do not play a role. Though some civic groups put forward lists at the elections and might be considered parties. At the last elections in Macau, on 17 September 2017, the group won 6.59% of the popular vote and 1 out of 14 popular elected seats.[1]

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