New Edition: Maximum Hits

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New Edition ~Maximum Hits~
New Edition ~Maximum Hits~.jpg
Remix album by MAX
Released December 10, 2008
Genre Pop, House
Length 1:02:31
Label Sonic Groove
MAX chronology
Jewel of Jewels
(2006)Jewel of Jewels2006
New Edition ~Maximum Hits~
Alternative cover
The cover for the CD+DVD edition
The cover for the CD+DVD edition

New Edition ~Maximum Hits~ is MAX's third remix compilation. The album was released to celebrate the return of the original line-up of MAX and includes 12 brand new remixes of some of their biggest hits. The album was released in a standalone CD format as well as a CD and DVD package on December 10, 2008. The CD and DVD package contains 12 original music videos and a behind-the-scenes look at the photography for the album. A new song, "Are You Ready?" was included as a bonus track.

Track listing[edit]

CD - New mix[edit]

# Title Songwriters Time
1. "Ride On Time (Eighteen Degrees. Mix)" Goro Matsui, Kiichi Yokoyama 4:42
2. "Love Is Dreaming (Takashi Ikezawa Mix)" Yuko Ebine, Joey Carbone, Jeff Carruthers 5:25
3. "Shinin'on-Shinin'love (Takashi Ikezawa Mix)" Hiromi Mori, Keiichi Ueno 4:50
4. "Ginga no Chikai (Sada Mix)" HIM 5:25
5. "Love Impact (Pax Japonica Groove Mix)" Hiromi Mori, Jun Abe 4:34
6. "Isshoni... (Gira Mundo Mix)" Pipeline Project 5:44
7. "Seventies (Anthology Disc Studio Mix)" Kazumi Suzuki, Groovesurfers 4:43
8. "Get My Love! (Ryosuke Nakanishi aka Studio-R Mix)" Yuko Ebine, Syrups 3:45
9. "Tora Tora Tora (DJ Planet Mix)" Kazumi Suzuki, Tiger Boys 3:54
10. "Give Me a Shake (Wall5, SpiceMagic Mix)" Yuko Ebine, Yasuhiko Hoshino 5:10
11. "Grace of My Heart (Ryosuke Nakanishi aka Studio-R Mix)" Yuko Ebine, Kenji Suzuki 4:59
12. "Hikari no Veil (Clazziquai Project Remix)" Goro Matsui, Kiichi Yokoyama 5:50
13. "Are You Ready?" Mona, Adam Baptiste, David Astrom, Patrik Berggren 3:39

DVD - Original video clips[edit]

# Title
1. "Tora Tora Tora"
2. "Seventies"
3. "Get My Love!"
4. "Give me a Shake"
5. "Love is Dreaming"
6. "Shinin'on-Shinin'love"
7. "Hikari no Veil"
8. "Ride on time"
9. "Grace of my heart"
10. "Love impact"
11. "Ginga no Chikai"
12. "Isshoni..."
13. "Making (2008 photo session)"


Album - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
December 10, 2008 Oricon Weekly Albums Chart #30 18,111 8 weeks