Jewel of Jewels

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Jewel of Jewels
MAX Jewel of Jewels.jpg
Studio album by MAX
Released February 22, 2006
Recorded 2002 - 2006
Genre Pop, Okinawan Folk, Bossa Nova, Latin
Length 53:45
Label Sonic Groove
Producer MAX
MAX chronology
Maximum Trance
Jewel of Jewels
New Edition: Maximum Hits
Singles from Jewels of Jewels
  1. "Eternal White"
  2. "Festa"
  3. "Love Screw"
  4. "Be With You"
  5. "Nirai Kanai"
  6. "Anata wo Omou Hodo"

Jewel of Jewels is MAX's fifth original studio album released five years after their last album, Emotional History (2001). It is their first and last album recorded with Aki who left the group in 2008. It contains six of the seven singles released with Aki and was the group's first album to be released in dual formats.


MAX's fifth album was originally scheduled to be released on March 20, 2002, but it was scrapped when lead vocalist Mina left the group amid pregnancy. A singles collection was released in its place entitled, Precious Collection 1995–2002 (2002).

The album was a labor of love according to an interview given by the group in Beatfreak magazine prior to its release. They were completely hands with the album from collaborating with songwriters to writing and producing it themselves. MAX worked with Masaru Shimabukuro of the Ryukyuan group, Begin who produced and cowrote two of three Okinawan folk influenced songs featured on the album. MAX also recorded their first English language song, "It's Time to "Shine!"" which opens the album.

Although the group licensed a "Melty Love" as an ending theme to the program, Rajikaru, to help promote the album, it failed to make an impact on the market. It is their only original studio album to not debut in the top 10.

Track listing[edit]


# Title Songwriters Time
1. "The Beginning of Jewel of Jewels" 0:40
2. "It's Time to "Shine!"" Zooco, K-Muto 3:22
3. "What's Going On" Mavie, Miss Monday, Reo 4:44
4. "Love Screw" Takeshi Aida, Keiichi Ueno 3:43
5. "Festa" Kiichi Yokoyama 3:30
6. "Aqua" 0:58
7. "Mirage" MAX, 5:11
8. "Nirai Kanai (Kariyushi Remix)" MAX, S. Castagna, C. Codenotti, E. Somenzi, Ace 4:39
9. "Kira Kirari" MAX, Saori Fueda, Masaru Shimabukuro 5:45
10. "Be With You" Keiko Yamamoto, Jeff Lynne 4:10
11. "Eternal White" Yuji Toriumi, Nana (MAX), Keiichi Ueno 4:34
12. "Anata wo Omou Hodo" Tetsuhiko 4:45
13. "Naughty Boy" Zooco, K-Muto 3:30
14. "Melty Love" Zooco, K-Muto 3:34
15. "The Closing of Jewel of Jewels" 0:48


# Title Director Time
1. "Eternal White" Chika Uemura 4:36
2. "Festa" Tetsuo Inoue 3:40
3. "Love Screw" Ippei Morita 3:56
4. "Be With You" Ippei Morita 4:19
5. "Nirai Kanai" Ippei Morita 5:10
6. "Anata wo Omou Hodo" Ippei Morita 4:50
7. "Making (Recording & Member's Voice)" 7:56


  • MAX - vocals, background vocals



Album - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
22 February 2006 Oricon Daily Albums Chart --
22 February 2006 Oricon Weekly Albums Chart #53 5,607 2 weeks
22 February 2006 Oricon Yearly Albums Chart --

Singles - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Single Chart Peak Position
20 November 2002 "eternal white" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 20
12 March 2003 "Festa" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 32
6 August 2003 "LOVE SCREW" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 39
30 June 2004 "Be With You" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 34
6 July 2005 "NIRAI KANAI" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 38
30 November 2005 "Anata wo Omou Hodo" Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 53


Oricon Inc., 2006 MAX - Oricon Style WM Music