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New Music Weekly
Image of New Music Weekly Magazine Internet Logo
Editors/Publishers Larry Weir, Paul Loggins
Editor Chuck Daupin
Categories Music/Radio Industry
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Backstage Entertainment
Founder Paul Loggins, Larry Weir
Year founded 1997
Country United States
Based in Los Angeles
Language English

New Music Weekly is a nationally distributed trade magazine for the radio and music industries. Following the tradition of Bill Gavin and the Gavin Report, New Music Weekly interprets data from the Spins Tracking System for music industry executives and artists across the United States. Weekly editorial features include highlights of the top singles impacting radio and "spotlights" of new music from the Top40/Pop, Country, AC/Hot, and College music genres.

The New Music Weekly editorial staff is composed of composer and producer Larry Weir, Billboard magazine, NMW publisher and veteran radio promoter Paul Loggins who also holds the position as Executive Producer of NMW's New Music Awards, and contributing writer Chuck Dauphin.[1][2][3][4][5]

The New Music Awards are hosted annually by New Music Weekly, acknowledging the accomplishments of new artists and musicians, radio stations and programmers, music directors, and industry executives who work in America's most popular music genres.[6][7]

STS (Spins Tracking System) has revolutionized the way radio and record executives look at charts. A technology used to deliver the most highly accurate chart information available. STS is the industry leading weekly provider of information that covers music played at commercial and non-commercial radio. STS delivers a wide variety of airplay charts that track releases in Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, AAA, College, Jazz, World, RPM, Hip Hop, Loud Rock and Alternative genres. STS is a service of Backstage Entertainment., is a secure digital music delivery system that allows artists and record labels to get their music to radio programmers worldwide. Trends show that radio programmers are aggressively embracing digital music delivery. Available exclusively to broadcasters around the world, including programmers, DJs, syndicated radio shows, and record pools has partnered with the Spins Tracking System radio stations interface which utilizes the enhanced security features to protect both radio and the artist. Integrated within STS via "hot links" on the current airplay charts, in addition to radio's music download page, allows for easy and fast features radio programmers have been waiting for. is the music industry's answer for fast, secure music delivery, enabling registered industry professionals, records labels, artist/bands to get their promotional music directly to radio as broadcast-quality digital files. AirplayAccess is a complimentary, invitation only service to radio from a trusted name in radio airplay tracking, STS.


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