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New Ways of Analyzing Variation

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New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) is an annual academic conference in sociolinguistics. NWAV attracts researchers and students conducting linguistic scientific investigations into patterns of language variation, the study of language change in progress, and the interrelationship between language and society, including how language variation is shaped by and continually shapes societal institutions, social and interpersonal relationships, and individual and group identities.

The conference originated under the title New Ways of Analyzing Variation in English in October 1972 at Georgetown University; "English" was dropped from the conference title later as languages other than English entered the conference's focus.[1][2] The most recent meeting, NWAV 51, was held in 2023 in New York City, hosted by Queens College. The next meeting will be held in November 2024 in Miami, Florida, hosted by Florida International University.[citation needed]

Past conferences[edit]

Year Title Location Host
2023 NWAV 51 New York City, New York Queens College
2022 NWAV 50 San Jose, California Stanford University
2021 NWAV 49 online The University of Texas at Austin
2019 NWAV 48 Eugene, Oregon University of Oregon
2018 NWAV 47 New York City New York University and City University of New York
2017 NWAV 46 Madison, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin–Madison
2016 NWAV 45 Vancouver Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria
2015 NWAV 44 Toronto University of Toronto and York University
2014 NWAV 43 Chicago University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and University of Illinois at Chicago
2013 NWAV 42 Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University
2012 NWAV 41 Bloomington, Indiana Indiana University, Bloomington
2011 NWAV 40 Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
2010 NWAV 39 San Antonio University of Texas, San Antonio
2009 NWAV 38 Ottawa University of Ottawa
2008 NWAV 37 Houston Rice University
2007 NWAV 36 Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania
2006 NWAV 35 Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University
2005 NWAV 34 New York City New York University
2004 NWAV 33 Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan
2003 NWAV 32 Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania
2002 NWAV 31 Stanford, California Stanford University
2001 NWAV 30 Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina State University
2000 NWAV 29 East Lansing, Michigan Michigan State University
1999 NWAV 28 Toronto University of Toronto
1998 NWAV 27 Athens, Georgia University of Georgia
1997 NWAV 26 Quebec City Laval University
1996 NWAV 25 Las Vegas University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1995 NWAV 24 Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania
1994 NWAV 23 Stanford, California Stanford University
1993 NWAV 22 Ottawa University of Ottawa
1992 NWAV 21 Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan
1991 NWAV 20 Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1990 NWAV 19 Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania
1989 NWAV 18 Durham, North Carolina Duke University
1988 NWAV 17 Montreal University of Montreal
1987 NWAV 16 Austin, Texas University of Texas, Austin
1986 NWAV 15 Stanford, California Stanford University
1985 NWAV 14 Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1984 NWAV 13 Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania
1983 NWAVE 12 Montreal University of Montreal
1982 NWAVE 11 Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1981 NWAVE X Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania
1980 NWAVE IX Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan
1979 NWAVE VIII Montreal University of Quebec, Montreal
1978 NWAVE VII Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1977 NWAVE VI Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1976 NWAVE V Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1975 NWAVE IV Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1974 NWAVE III Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1973 NWAVE II Washington, D.C. Georgetown University
1972 NWAVE I Washington, D.C. Georgetown University

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