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The New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) is Aotearoa New Zealand’s national HIV prevention and healthcare organisation. Its funding is derived from grants, donations and the Ministry of Health.[1]

The NZAF has a vision of ‘a world without AIDS’ and aims to achieve this by preventing the transmission of HIV and supporting people affected by HIV and AIDS.


The NZAF provides health and support services to people with HIV to maximise their health and their ability to maintain safe sexual practice,[2] and HIV prevention programmes targeted at the communities most at risk, including HIV and syphilis rapid testing and sexual health clinics. The NZAF also undertakes research, strategic analysis and policy advice.

The NZAF National Office is in Auckland, and there are regional centres in Christchurch and Wellington. The NZAF employs more than 40 staff and has well over 100 regular volunteers. There are also NZAF-trained professional contractors providing HIV and syphilis rapid testing and counselling in many other regions across Aotearoa New Zealand. Outside of Aotearoa New Zealand, the NZAF manages an international development programme working with partners in the Pacific committed to the rights and health of Pacific men who have sex with men and transgender people.


Founded in 1985, the NZAF has grown from the response of Aotearoa New Zealand’s gay communities to the impending HIV epidemic. From its earliest days as a grassroots movement, the NZAF provides a New Zealand response to HIV, bringing history, passion, knowledge, and diversity to fight the emerging trends of the HIV epidemic.

During 2009, the NZAF introduced the NZAF HIV Prevention Plan 2009-2014;[3] a significant review and redesign of the population health programme. The plan includes a clear focus on building a condom culture in Aotearoa New Zealand. Get it On![4] is the new social marketing programme developed and supported by the NZAF that is committed to doing that. An important part of this programme is the largest gay community event in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Get it On! Big Gay Out.


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