New Zealand Top 50 singles of 2005

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This is a list of the Top 50 singles of 2005 in New Zealand.


 ‡  – Single of New Zealand origin
Rank Artist Single
1 Crazy Frog "Axel F"
2 Schnappi "Das Kleine Krokodil"
3 Savage feat. Akon "Moonshine"
4 Crazy Frog "Popcorn"
5 Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes "Don't Cha"
6 Mario "Let Me Love You"
7 The Black Eyed Peas "Don't Phunk With My Heart"
8 Will Smith "Switch"
9 Savage "Swing"
10 Crazy Frog "Jingle Bells"
11 2Pac feat. Elton John "Ghetto Gospel"
12 50 Cent feat. Olivia "Candy Shop"
13 Jesse McCartney "Beautiful Soul"
14 Rihanna "Pon De Replay"
15 Akon "Lonely"
16 Mattafix "Big City Life"
17 Ciara feat. Missy Elliott "1, 2, Step"
18 Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc"
19 Gwen Stefani "Hollaback Girl"
20 Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx "Gold Digger"
21 The Game feat. 50 Cent "Hate It or Love It"
22 Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell "Drop It Like It's Hot"
23 Missy Elliott feat. Ciara & Fatman Scoop "Lose Control"
24 Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake "Signs"
25 Rosita Vai "All I Ask"
26 The Game "How We Do"
27 James Blunt "You're Beautiful"
28 Jennifer Lopez "Get Right"
29 Nelly feat. Tim McGraw "Over And Over"
30 Gwen Stefani feat. Eve "Rich Girl"
31 Sugababes "Push The Button"
32 Bodyrockers "I Like The Way (You Move)"
33 Gorillaz "Dare"
34 Eminem "Like Toy Soldiers"
35 Destiny's Child feat. T.I. & Lil Wayne "Soldier"
36 Mariah Carey "We Belong Together"
37 Greenpeace "Anchor Me"
38 The Black Eyed Peas "My Humps"
39 Madonna "Hung Up"
40 The Black Eyed Peas "Don't Lie"
41 JoJo "Baby It's You"
42 Dei Hamo "To Tha Floor"
43 Ciara feat. Ludacris "Oh"
44 50 Cent "Just A Lil Bit"
45 Pretty Ricky "Grind With Me"
46 Frankie J feat. Baby Bash "Obsession"
47 The Veronicas "4ever"
48 Savage feat. Aaradhna "They Don't Know"
49 Destiny's Child "Girl"
50 Blindspott "Yours Truly"

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