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Newnes Junction (1st)
Coordinates 33°28′24″S 150°15′02″E / 33.4732°S 150.2505°E / -33.4732; 150.2505
Line(s) Dargans Deviation 1897
Newnes railway line
Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Other information
Status Closed
Opened 16 October 1905
Closed 12 June 1911[1]
Newnes Junction (2nd)
Newnes Junction station from down platform.JPG
Newnes Junction station from down platform looking north east in January 2010
Coordinates 33°28′24″S 150°15′02″E / 33.4732°S 150.2505°E / -33.4732; 150.2505Coordinates: 33°28′24″S 150°15′02″E / 33.4732°S 150.2505°E / -33.4732; 150.2505
Line(s) Blue Mountains Line
Platforms 3
Tracks 3 + siding
Other information
Status Closed to passengers
part of the loading loop
for Centennial Coal
Opened 16 October 1910
Closed 6 April 1975

The Newnes Junction railway station is a closed railway station on the Blue Mountains Line, New South Wales, Australia. It served the former private branch line to Newnes. The station closed to passenger services in 1975, although it still physically exists and is occasionally used for coal trains visiting the nearby Clarence Colliery.[2] The station consists of an island 'Up' platform, and a single side 'Down' platform.


The first station was finished around 1906 at the time of the Newnes railway line. This station was located at the junction of the Dargans Creek deviation and the Newnes railway line (or Wolgan Valley Railway) which is situated about 500 metres (550 yd) north west of the current Newnes Junction Station. After the Zig Zag deviation was completed the station was no longer needed for passenger services but stayed in use to finalise the recovery of parts from the Zig Zag and Clarence area along the Dargans Deviation.

The second station (also called "Newnes Junction') replaced the earlier station which operated from 1906 to 1910. The Wolgan Valley Railway closed in 1932 and for years the station had no use at all until the construction of the loop line that served the Clarence Colliery in the 1970s.

In 1957 electrification crossed the Blue Mountains and the sidings and colliery loop were electrified. In 2006 the overhead catenary was decommissioned and was removed from the colliery balloon loop. The Zig Zag Railway have plans to extend their railway to Newnes Junction via the Dargans Deviation and using platform 1 or the old 'up loop' platform road.


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