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Flag of Ngeremlengui
Country Palau
Capital Imeong
 • Total 65 km2 (25 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Total 317
 • Density 4.9/km2 (13/sq mi)

Ngeremlengui is one of Palau's sixteen states. It has a population of about 317 (according to the 2005 census) people and is just west of Melekeok state, where Palau's capital village is (also called Melekeok). The capital of the state of Ngeremlengui is Imeong. Ngeremlengui is on the western side of Babeldaob, which is the largest Island in Palau. Ngarelemgui is the largest of Palau's sixteen states in terms of land, and has an area of roughly 65 km2.

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Coordinates: 7°32′24″N 134°31′12″E / 7.54000°N 134.52000°E / 7.54000; 134.52000