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Skyline of Ngwesaung
Ngwesaung is located in Myanmar
Coordinates: 16°51′30″N 94°23′30″E / 16.85833°N 94.39167°E / 16.85833; 94.39167Coordinates: 16°51′30″N 94°23′30″E / 16.85833°N 94.39167°E / 16.85833; 94.39167
Country Myanmar
Division Ayeyarwady
Time zoneUTC6:30 (MST)

Ngwesaung (Burmese: ငွေဆောင် [ŋwè zàʊɴ]) is a beach resort located 48 km west of Pathein, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. The beach is 5 hours drive, with no traffic, away from the principal city of Yangon, and an airport is in the works. Buses leave at 6am & 9:30pm from in front of the Yangon Central Railway Station. Opened in March 2000,[1] Ngwe Saung is newer than nearby and more popular Chaungtha Beach, and is designed to attract people with larger holiday budgets.[2][3][4]


An unspoilt 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) stretch of silvery sand and modern amenities have made Ngwesaung a popular destination for less budget conscious tourists from Lower Myanmar. Still Ngwesaung has much to develop. Its choices for nightlife activities remain paltry, even by local standards. Chaungtha and Ngapali beaches have greater choices of nighttime activities. At this point, a nearby elephant training camp is a main daytime attraction at Ngwesaung.

The Calventuras Islands are a group of islets lying about 9 km to the west of Broken Point.[5]


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