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Nicki Greenberg is a Melbourne-based Australian comic artist and illustrator.

Her graphic novel adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (The Great Gatsby: a graphic adaptation)[1] was published in 2007 by Allen & Unwin in Australia and by Penguin in Canada.[2][3] Her graphic adaptation of Hamlet[4] was published by Allen & Unwin in 2010.[5]

Greenberg had early success when in 1990, at the age of fifteen, she published The Digits, a series of twelve books featuring her fingerprints as characters. She has written and illustrated a number of other children's books, including Squids Suck (2005),[6] Antonia Cutlass Walks the Plank (2006),[7] and Operation Weasel Ball (2007).[8] Greenberg is a regular contributor to the regular Australian comics anthology Tango, edited by Bernard Caleo and published by Cardigan Comics.

In 2009, Greenberg's work appeared in Super Heroes and Schlemiels: Jews and Comic Art, an exhibition of comic art at the Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne.[9] She has been interviewed by The New Yorker in its on-line cartoon forum, by Jennifer Byrne on ABC1 television and The Book Show on ABC radio.


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