Nidana Arambhakatha

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Nidāna Ārambhakathā
Country Ramanya
Language Mon
Series Burmese chronicles
Genre Chronicle, History
Publication date
c. 1538 to 17th century

Nidāna Ārambhakathā (Burmese: နိဒါန အာရမ္ဘကထာ; lit. "Preface to the Legend")[1] is a Mon language chronicle. It is supposedly part of a larger treatise called Ramann'-uppatti-dipaka ("An Explanation of the Origins of Ramannadesa"). The surviving copy of Nidana is dated to the 18th century although the copy says its original manuscript was compiled in year 900 ME (1538/39 CE). Moreover, at least some parts of it were likely written during the early 17th century.[2]


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