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Nigel Warburton (/ˈwɔːrbərtən/; born 1962) is a British philosopher. He is best known as a populariser of philosophy, having written a number of books in the genre, but he has also written academic works in aesthetics and applied ethics.[1]


Warburton received a BA from the University of Bristol and a PhD from Darwin College, Cambridge, and was a lecturer at the University of Nottingham before joining the Department of Philosophy at the Open University in 1994.[2] In May 2013, he resigned from the position of Senior Lecturer at the Open University.[3]


He is the author of a number of introductory Philosophy books, including the bestselling Philosophy: The Basics (4th ed.), Philosophy: The Classics (4th ed.), and Thinking from A to Z (3rd ed.); he also edited Philosophy: Basic Readings (2nd ed.) and was the co-author of Reading Political Philosophy: Machiavelli to Mill. He has written extensively about photography, particularly about Bill Brandt, and wrote a biography of the modernist architect Ernő Goldfinger.[4] He writes a weekly column "Everyday Philosophy" for The New European newspaper.

He runs a philosophy weblog Virtual Philosopher[5] and with David Edmonds regularly podcasts interviews with top philosophers on a range of subjects at Philosophy Bites.[6] He also podcasts chapters from his book Philosophy: The Classics.[7] He has written for the Guardian newspaper.[8] He is the Philosophy Editor for the literary website FiveBooks.[9]

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