Nigerien presidential election, 2004

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Nigerien presidential election, 2004
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The Republic of Niger held a presidential election on 16 November 2004. Voter turnout in this round of polling was 48.3%. It was won by Tandja Mamadou.


Six candidates contested the election:


No candidate won a majority of votes in the first round, and a second round was held on 4 December between the two leading candidates – incumbent president Mamadou and Mahamadou Issoufou. Tandja won the election with 65.53% of the vote. Voter turnout in the second round was 45.0%. Parliamentary elections were held on the same day. International and local observers declared the entire process as free, fair, and transparent.

All four of the candidates eliminated in the first round backed Tandja in the second round.[1]

e • d Summary of the 16 November and 4 December 2004 Nigerien presidential election results
Candidates - Parties Votes 1st round % Votes 2nd round %
Tandja Mamadou - National Movement for the Development of Society 991,764 40.67 1,509,905 65.53
Mahamadou Issoufou - Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism 599,792 24.60 794,357 34.47
Mahamane Ousmane - Democratic and Social Convention 425,052 17.43
Ahmado Cheiffou - Social Democratic Rally 154,732 6.35
Moumouni Adamou Djermakoye - Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress 147,957 6.07
Hamid Algabid - Rally for Democracy and Progress 119,153 4.89
Total (turnout 48.3 %) 100.0 100.0


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