Nijmegen train collision

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Nijmegen train disaster
Nijmegen train collision is located in Netherlands
Nijmegen train collision
Location within Netherlands
Date 28 August 1979
Coordinates 51°49′55″N 5°50′16″E / 51.8320°N 5.8378°E / 51.8320; 5.8378
Country Netherlands
Rail line Tilburg–Nijmegen railway
Operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Type of incident Head-on collision
Trains 2
Deaths 8
Injuries 36

The Nijmegen train disaster was a railway accident in the Netherlands in which two passenger trains—of which one did not contain passengers—collided head-on. The accident happened on 28 August 1979 between Wijchen and Nijmegen, near the Kolpingbuurt neighbourhood in Nijmegen on the railway line Tilburg to Nijmegen. Eight people died in the disaster,[1] seven passengers and the driver of train 4365. 36 people were injured, including the conductor and driver of train 74363.


Two trains were involved in the accident. The first was an empty train 74363 destined for Nijmegen railway station. This train consisted of a multiple unit of the Mat '64 Plan V 936 type. The second was train 4365 consisting of two two-carriage multiple units of the Mat '46 type, units 256 and 244. Train 74363 traveled at about 5 km/h, the passenger train 4365 at about 90 km/h.

Additional reading[edit]

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Coordinates: 51°49′55″N 5°50′16″E / 51.8320°N 5.8378°E / 51.8320; 5.8378