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Nine Lies
Nine Lies Band Promo.jpg
Nine Lies Promo Madison Square Garden in November 2013, from left to right: Stephen McAuley; John Rossi; Nick Black; Dave Kernohan; Stevie Mann
Background information
OriginBelfast, Northern Ireland
Years active2003–present
LabelsEvil Twin Records
MembersStevie Mann
Dave Kernohan
Nick Black
John Rossi
Stephen McAuley

Nine Lies are a Northern Irish rock band from Belfast. Formed in 2003, the group consists of Stevie Mann (vocals, lyrics and production), Dave Kernohan (guitar and vocals), Nick Black (guitars), Stephen 'Stoogie' McAuley (drums) and John Rossi (bass guitar, keyboards and vocals). John started his professional career in the late 1990s playing keyboards for another Irish rock band Snow Patrol.[1][2][3] Nine Lies' early sound was rooted in post-Brit Pop but eventually grew to incorporate influences from many genres of popular music. Throughout the group's musical pursuits, they have maintained a sound built on melodic instrumentals. Their lyrics, often embellished with spiritual imagery, focus on personal themes and sociopolitical concerns.

The band formed in Belfast in 2003 with an eclectic musical background, but by 2007, Nine Lies had become an international act.[4][5] Playing successful music festivals such as Vena Music Festival[6] in Łodzi Poland[7] Where the band shared the same stage as Fun Lovin Criminals and Sugababes followed closely by the Tryxo tour which kicked off in Bonn Germany. During this time they were more successful as a touring act than they were at selling records. Within a further three years they signed with Maddie Records[8] and all that was set to change with the release in 2010 of their debut single Someone[9] and arguably peaked with their 2015 album 9 Lies[10] which, according to Rolling Stone, elevated the band's stature "from heroes to superstars".[11] In 2012 after a failed recording relationship with Maddie Records Nine Lies and Maddie Records parted ways.[12] The band were then rapidly snapped up the same year by management company Eerie Management and under the watchful eye of Tish Romanov they went on to record the videos to Take Me Away[13] and Nothing Left for Me,[14] Worked with American Producer Beau Hill on Save Me and secured a touring agreement with ACA Music. The bands latest album 9 Lies[15][16] has an increased alternative rock influence, and embraced a more ironic and self-deprecating image.

In 2012 the band were a part of the BBC Northern Ireland digital TV switchover [17] [18] along side UK TV personality Gloria Hunniford. The band performed covers of The Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand and I saw her standing there to local press, TV and Lord Mayors.

In 2013 the band were listed in the Huffington Posts [19] Top 10 bands from Northern Ireland. Shortly after Manager Tish Romanov fell i'll which laid to the end of the bands association with Eerie Management. Nine Lies currently release under their own label Evil Twin Records. In 2014 the band became regional multilingual media darlings when the BBC threw their weight behind Nine Lies and their tracks Take Me Away and the 2010 single Someone, with not only broadcast coverage but a website supplied not just in English but in Welsh and Scottish[20] reinforcing a relationship with the broadcaster that carries on to this day.

Nine Lies have released 2 studio albums, 2 singles and 3 EPS. They have won best Rock Band 2012 on Pirate Radio,[21] and, in 2013, were crowned 'pick of the week' on Beat 100 in their first year of eligibility. Throughout their career, as a band and as individuals, they have campaigned for human rights and philanthropic causes, including Amnesty International

On the 14th November 2018 the band announced on their official news page[22] that they were in the studio finishing off their 3rd and as yet untitled studio album with hints of an early 2019 release date.

Band members[edit]

  • Stevie Mann – vocals, Lyrics Production
  • Dave Kernohan  – guitar, vocals
  • Nick Black  – lead guitar
  • John Rossi – bass guitar
  • Stephen McAuley, Stoogie.  – drums


Nine Lies discography|List of songs recorded by Nine Lies

Studio albums


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