Nishi-Koyama Station

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Nishi-Koyama Station
Station building, August 2008
Location Shinagawa, Tokyo
Operated by Tokyu Corporation
Line(s) Tokyu Meguro Line
Other information
Station code MG04
Passengers (2014) 35,397 daily

Nishi-Koyama Station (西小山駅?, Nishi-Koyama eki) is a Tokyu Meguro Line station located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Station layout[edit]

This station consists of one island platform serving two tracks. Only local trains stop at this station.

1  Tokyu Meguro Line for Den-en-chōfu and Hiyoshi
2  Tokyu Meguro Line for Meguro, Nishi-Takashimadaira, and Akabane-Iwabuchi


In 2014, 35,397 passengers per day started or ended travel at the station in average.[1]

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tōkyū Meguro Line
Senzoku (MG05)   Local   Musashi-Koyama (MG03)
Express: Does not stop at this station


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Coordinates: 35°36′57″N 139°41′56″E / 35.6157°N 139.6989°E / 35.6157; 139.6989