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For the south Indian actor, see Nitin (actor).

Nitin (नितिन) is a first name in India, Nepal that means moral or ethical in Sanskrit.[1]

Nitin comes from the Sanskrit Root called as Nitya. Nitya means "order" or "regulatedness". In the Vishnu Sahasranaama (1000 Divine Names of Lord Vishnu) Nitya is one of the names of Vishnu. Nitin is also a common Marathi name, commonly found in Maharashtra.

Nityaaya Namaha Anityaaya namaha means "Order and disorder is nothing but Vishnu."

The darshanaas (the Laws of Vedas) speak about the Cosmos as Nitya as it follows a regulated mode of expression and evolution.

Nitin means that which exists in the regulated order. The energy aspect of the Lord which is called his maya or sakthi is the one that exists in the Lord and his creation. So Nitin is the energy aspect of the Lord and it is popular among the Vaishnavites to keep this name. (Vaishnavism is not a trait that belongs to caste but to the mode of worship relating to Vishnu.)

Notable people named Nitin[edit]


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