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Nitin Kapoor (November 27, 1959[1] – March 14, 2017) was a Bollywood producer. He is a cousin of the renowned actor Jeetendra. His wife is South Indian actress Jayasudha. Nitin kapoor married Jayasudha in 1985. They have two sons, Nihar Kapoor and Shreayan Kapoor. Nitin Kapoor produced movies under the banner JSK Combines. Nithin died after falling from a building on March 14, 2017.[2]


Nithin Kapoor produced Hands Up! in 2000, Kalikalam starring his wife Jayasudha in 1991 and Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai in 1990 starring his brother Jeetendra and Rekha. He was also an Assistant Director of the 1984 movie Asha Jyoti starring Rajesh Khanna and Reena Roy.


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