No Exit (1995 film)

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No Exit
No exit dvd cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byDamian Lee
Written byJohn Lawson
Damian Lee
StarringJeff Wincott
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Music byKen Greer
CinematographyRuss Goozee
Edited byDavid Ransley
Distributed byNo Exit Productions Limited
Running time
96 minutes

No Exit (also known as Fatal Combat) is a 1995 Canadian action film directed by Damian Lee and starring Jeff Wincott and Sven-Ole Thorsen as the leading hero and main villain, respectively. It is about deadly martial arts combat, and the hero is forced into fights by evil money-men.


Far above the Arctic Circle is based a TV channel, on which there is only one program—"No Exit". Melee and death in the air. University Professor John Stoneman is abducted be the channel owner. No way out and no chance to survive. For John Stoneman there seems to be no escape.[1]


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