No More Sweet Music

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No More Sweet Music
Hooverphonic-No More Sweet Music.jpg
Studio album by Hooverphonic
Released November 14, 2005
Length 40:57
42:05 (remixes)
Label Sony
Producer Alex Callier
Hooverphonic chronology
Sit Down and Listen to Hooverphonic
No More Sweet Music
Singles '96 - '06

No More Sweet Music is a double album by the Belgian band Hooverphonic. It is the group's fifth studio album, and was released in 2005. The first disc is titled More Sweet Music and contains 11 songs performed in the familiar Hooverphonic style, whilst the second disc contains the very same 11 songs in their remixed versions by Alex Callier, and is titled NO More Sweet Music, a title indicative of the nature of the remixed versions, which also underlines the notable difference in style between the two discs. The singles released from this album are "You Hurt Me", "Wake Up", "Dirty Lenses" and "We All Float".

The title track "No More Sweet Music" contains samples from the Henry Mancini penned "Lujon" from the album "Mr. Lucky Goes Latin".

A 2 disc Dual Disc version was also released later in 2005. The DVD sides contain all tracks in Dolby Surround 5.1 as well as (not indicated on the disc's cover) DTS 5.1, plus two documentaries ("making of" and interviews with Hooverphonic members) and the music videos of "Wake Up", and "You Hurt Me" (both original and remix versions).

Hooverphonic's main composer and programmer Alex Callier composed 40 tracks for No More Sweet Music. The 11 selected were not necessarily the best but were selected because they worked well together.

Some of the remaining tracks were used in their 2007 album, The President of the LSD Golf Club.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1

  1. "You Love Me to Death" (Arnaert, Callier)
  2. "We All Float" (Callier)
  3. "Music Box" (Arnaert, Callier)
  4. "You Hurt Me" (Callier)
  5. "No More Sweet Music" (Arnaert, Callier, Mancini)
  6. "Tomorrow" (Callier, Deodato)
  7. "Dirty Lenses" (Callier, Howard)
  8. "Heartbeat" (Callier)
  9. "Wake Up" (Callier)
  10. "My Child" (Callier)
  11. "Ginger" (Callier)

Disc 2 contains each track on Disc 1 in the same order remixed by Alex Callier.

Dual disc edition[edit]

CD sides contain the same as the normal CD version.

DVD side:

Disc 1
  • 5.1 Surround version of all tracks on Disc 1 (Dolby Digital and DTS)
  • Making of documentary
  • Interviews with Hooverphonic
Disc 2
  • 5.1 Surround version of all tracks on Disc 2 (Dolby Digital and DTS)
  • Video clips for "Wake Up" (original and remix)
  • Video clips for "You Hurt Me" (original and remix)


Of the four songs released as singles, "You Hurt Me" charted at #44.

Year Title BE[1]
2005 "Wake Up" -
"You Hurt Me" 44
"We All Float" -
2006 "Dirty Lenses" -