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Noble Roman's, Inc.
Industry Food
Founded 1972; 46 years ago (1972) in Bloomington, Indiana
Founders Stephen Huse and Gary Knackstedt
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana
Number of locations
Between 3 and 20
Area served
United States
Key people
Paul W. Mobley, Chairman of the Board and Chief Financial Officer [1]
Scott Mobley, President and CEO
Products Pizza, salads, subs
Revenue $ 7.8 million (2016)[1]

Noble Roman's is a pizza company based in Indianapolis, Indiana.[2]


Noble Roman's was founded in Bloomington, Indiana, when Stephen Huse and Gary Knackstedt acquired a failed pizza shop near the campus of Indiana University in 1969.[3] The company incorporated in 1972,[4] with the first franchise following in 1973.[3]

During the 2000s and 2010s, the company became embroiled in multiple lawsuits with its franchisees [5] [6]. Franchisees have described the company as " its high franchisee failure rates, and its insistence on suing franchise owners once they fail." Other franchisees allege that the company "has used litigation as a revenue source" and as of 2009 was "involved with litigation with every one of their franchisees."[7]

During the 2010s, Noble Roman's started to move away from selling pizzas in the traditional sit down and delivery restaurants to focus in selling reheat and serve products in supermarkets[8] and later hot products for eating inside supermarket cafes,[9] such as at Marsh Supermarkets.[10][11] During this time, Noble Roman's had 800 franchised locations plus contracts to sell pizzas in 2,000 supermarkets.[9] As of August 2016 the number of dedicated Noble Roman's restaurants is approximately 16, though their pre-made branded products are offered widely in convenience stores and grocery stores.

In November 2014, Scott Mobley replaced his father, Paul Mobley, as president and CEO while the elder remained chairman.[12]

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