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North Memorial Hospital facade 1955

Coordinates: 45°01′01″N 93°19′22″W / 45.017007°N 93.32284°W / 45.017007; -93.32284

North Memorial Medical Center
Location Robbinsdale, Minnesota, United States
Beds 353[1]
Founded 1954
Lists Hospitals in Minnesota

North Memorial Medical Center, In 1939, Dr. Samuel Samuelson started Victory Hospital on property that he already owned in Robbinsdale.[2] It was the first of its kind, as it was the only medical center outside of the downtown Minneapolis/St.Paul area. Previously, hospitals in the region had only been located in downtown areas in order to be close to physician's offices, so this was a decisive departure from the status quo. As the years progressed, the hospital's name changed from Victory Hospital to North Memorial as it became a private hospital in 1954. In 1957, North Memorial was accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals.

North Memorial AirCare landing at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis

As time went on, the hospital evolved from a 30 bed facility to a 518 bed medical center.[3] Over time, the medical community recognized North Memorial for its trailblazing methods in emergency medical care because it developed the first hospital-based medical transportation system involving numerous helicopters, ambulances, and support staff. Today, North Memorial Medical Center is a level one trauma center, accredited with numerous awards.[4] It is consistently recognized for providing high quality care to its patients. According to the Healthgrades website, it has been recognized as one of the top 50 hospitals in America for two years in a row. The hospital also takes pride in its work and has received the Hennepin County Wellness by Design award multiple times, which recognizes workplaces that develop, promote and maintain a healthy environment. North Memorial has also received numerous awards for outstanding performance in areas such as hip and knee replacements, strokes, and heart attacks. The hospital has a track record of well-developed and advanced specialty centers, ranging from heart attacks to cancer. These specialty care centers vary in location from Twin City suburbs to western Wisconsin, symbolizing the fact that the hospital takes pride in its wide range of area health care coverage. With plans to add a transitional care program, staffed with more than thirty nurses to assist with those who are transitioning from hospital to the home, North Memorial will be recognized for both its pioneering hand in medical services and its patient care for years to come. North Memorial Medical Center hired the branding agency Brandfire in 2016 and they rolled out their new name, North Memorial Health, and branding encompassing two hospitals, clinics and specialty practices, in April 2017. [5]


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