North Tongu District

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North Tongu District
Вольта (Гана).PNG
Region Volta Region
District type District
District Executive Bubey Dzinadu
Capital Battor Dugame
Area 1,460 km²

The North Tongu District is one of the twenty-five (25) districts in the Volta Region.[1] North Tongu district capital and administrative centre is Battor Dugame.[2]


The North Tongu District was first established in 1989 as the Adidome District. The name was later changed as the district's inhabitants pushed for a more unifying name for the district. The district's current member of parliament is Honorable Joe Gidisu, the former minister for roads and highways.[2]


North Tongu District is bounded by:


The vegetation lies in the Tropical Savannah Grassland zone. The Volta River cuts the district into two halves from north to south.[2]


In addition to Battor Dugame, the capital and administrative centre, North Tongu District contains the following villages:

  • Kpomkpo
  • Dorfor Adidome
  • Dove
  • Juapong
  • Mafi Kumase
  • Kutime
  • Kanuwlue
  • Mepe
  • New Fodzoku
  • Podoe
  • Sasekpe
  • Torgorme
  • Volo
  • Vome
  • Vume Kpoviadzi
  • Zomayi
  • Nyatikpo
  • Mafi-Kpevekor

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