Nothing Remains the Same

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Nothing Remains The Same
Pain-nothing remains the same.jpg
Studio album by
ProducerPeter Tägtgren
Pain chronology
Nothing Remains The Same
Dancing with the Dead

Nothing Remains The Same is the 3rd album by the Swedish metal band Pain. It was released in 2002 on the Swedish label Stockholm Records and features the hit singles "Shut Your Mouth" (reached No. 14 on the Swedish single charts) and "Just Hate Me" (No. 47).[1] The album itself reached No. 6 and remained on the Swedish album charts for 9 weeks, longer than any other Pain album.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "It's Only Them" – 4:51
  2. "Shut Your Mouth" – 3:13
  3. "Close My Eyes" – 3:45
  4. "Just Hate Me" – 3:55 (co-written with Per Aldeheim and Max Martin[2][3]))
  5. "Injected Paradise" – 5:10
  6. "Eleanor Rigby" – 3:51
  7. "Expelled" – 3:43
  8. "Pull Me Under" – 4:15
  9. "Save Me" – 3:37
  10. "The Game" – 4:05
  11. "Fade Away" – 4:59
  12. "Hate Me" (Bonus Track) – 5:22
  13. "Liar" (Bonus Track) – 5:18
  14. "Give It Up" (Bonus Track) – 3:56

Album videos[edit]

  • The songs 'Eleanor Rigby', 'Just Hate Me' and 'Shut Your Mouth' each have a video.
  • 'Eleanor Rigby' is a cover from The Beatles for which the video is a live performance in a studio.
  • The video for 'Just Hate Me' is about a robot that is forgotten by his maker which starts making another robot and even take parts from the first one to complete the second one.
  • 'Shut Your Mouth' is about an alien that visits the band's frontman, Peter Tägtgren, and tells him to convince the people of his existence; he attempts this, but fails.



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