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Novi Split
Origin San Pedro, California, United States
Genres Indie pop, folk
Years active 2003–present
Labels Sunset Alliance, Hush Records
Associated acts The Real Diego, Kind of Like Spitting, Ill Lit, The Cherry Chans, The Sexy Sexies
Past members David Jerkovich, et al.

Novi Split is David Jerkovich's (a.k.a. "David J.") semi-solo indie pop/folk act. It is based in San Pedro, California.


Listing among his influences musicians such as "Springsteen, Roger Waters, Phil Ochs, Tom Waits, KRS-1, Leonard Cohen, Woody Guthrie, Marvin Gaye . . ." and even the likes of "John Prine, Raekwon the Chef, Robyn Hitchcock, Randy Newman, [and] Rod McKuen,"[1] David J. started his musical career early and made an early mark with bands such as Kind of Like Spitting and The Real Diego.[1]

By 2003, David J. started recording his own version of lo-fi indie folk-pop under the moniker "Novi Split." The following is his explanation behind the name:

Novi means 'new' and Split is a city on the Adriatic Coast. In America, when you have a large concentration of a certain people in one place you name the city after them. Little Italy, China town, Korea town, et cetera. There is a huge Croatian population in San Pedro [California]. One night my friend Mike B. wanted to lead an angry group of Croats down to City Hall to declare San Pedro [be renamed] Novi Split. End of story. It always stuck in my head.[2]

In 2004, he released his first album, Keep Moving on Sunset Alliance Records. While, according to David J., he wrote and recorded each individual song in under an hour,[3] that lo-fi record received quite positive reviews from critics.[4]

After releasing Novi Split's first record, Kind of Like Spitting broke up. Consequently, David J. signed a new record deal with Hush Records to replace KOLS among its stable of bands, and to gain a wider distribution for his own music.[2]

Since then, Novi Split has released one album, Pink in the Sink and one EP, Hollow Notes. Each of these records have received positive reviews[5] and have even led to Novi Split's music being featured on the popular WB/CW television series One Tree Hill on two occasions. Episode 7.06, "Deep Ocean Vast Sea" featured the song Leaving It from Pink in the Sink,[6] and episode 7.01, "4:30am (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)," featured the song Hollow Notes, which can be found on the DECA Compilation and well as the Hollow Notes EP.[7]



Release date Title Label Notes
2003 Keep Moving Sunset Alliance
2006 Pink in the Sink Hush Records
2010 Hollow Notes EP Hush Records Digital release only.
2013 Creeping Around Your Face EP Self-Released Digital release only.
2013 Spare Songs EP Self-Released Digital release only.
2013 Novi Split/Brown & Blue Split 7" Self-Released 7" vinyl release
2013 Keep Moving Disk 2 Sunset Alliance Digitally released outtakes and rareties from Keep Moving
2013 If Not This, Then What EP Hush Records Re-recordings of several older Novi Split songs


Song: Hollow Notes
Various previously released songs
  • Mountain Main Records Presents: Friends and Family-A Benefit for Hunger Relief (Mountain Man Records, 2012)[9]
Song: Creeping Around Your Face


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